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The STT PRO is Cooper's premium off-road tyre in the range; it's ready to tackle anything you throw at it.

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The STT PRO Cooper’s most advanced mud tyre to date. Put through its paces through Australia’s Outback, it’s ready for anything you throw at it!

Key Features

  • Mud Scoops And Mud Release Dimples - Create air pockets to release mud from the tread, giving you exceptional all-surface traction.

  • Flex Groove - Allows the tyre to flex, dampening the impact generated by inconsistent terrain, giving you more flexibility and a smoother ride.

  • Advanced Silica Compound - Formulated with the optimum content of chemically-coupled silica reduces cutting and chipping in off-road conditions whilst improving wet traction. This gives you improved wet traction and longevity.

  • Armor-Tek3 - On top of high tensile construction, the STT PRO features Armor-Tek3 - an additional 3rd ply on an 8° angle. Unique Armor-Tek3 construction is engineered to give you over 2.5 times more tear and impact damage resistance by reducing the rubber gaps by 50% to give you peace of mind when driving off-road. *Compared to standard 2-ply tyres.

  • Micro Gauge™ Siping - Reduce cutting and chipping whilst enhancing traction in wet, soft surfaces, giving you enhanced stability and longevity.

  • Raised Rubber Ribs - Raised Rubber Ribs and angled groove walls work together to eject stones from the tread, giving you reduced stone retention and more grip.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
30x9.5R15 104Q C Armor-TEK3
31x10.5R15 109Q C Armor-TEK3
32x11.5R15 113Q C Armor-TEK3
33x12.5R15 108Q C Armor-TEK3
35x12.5R15 113Q C Armor-TEK3
225/75R16 115Q E Armor-TEK3
235/85R16 120Q E Armor-TEK3
245/75R16 120Q E Armor-TEK3
265/75R16 123Q E Armor-TEK3
285/75R16 126Q E Armor-TEK3
305/70R16 124Q E Armor-TEK3
315/75R16 127Q E Armor-TEK3
37x12.5R17 124Q D Armor-TEK3
265/70R17 121Q E Armor-TEK3
285/70R17 121Q E Armor-TEK3
305/65R17 121Q E Armor-TEK3
315/70R17 121Q E Armor-TEK3
275/65R18 123Q E Armor-TEK3
275/70R18 125Q E Armor-TEK3
285/65R18 125Q E Armor-TEK3
305/60R18 121Q E Armor-TEK3
305/70R18 126Q E Armor-TEK3
35x12.5R20 121Q E Armor-TEK3
275/65R20 126Q E Armor-TEK3
305/55R20 121Q E Armor-TEK3